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Workplace Readiness Program


The Workplace Readiness Program is designed to introduce workplace readiness behaviors to consumers to assist consumers with transitioning into employment or further education/training opportunities. Consumers will receive differentiated instruction in thirteen (13) workplace readiness behaviors which consumers can apply to simulated workplace environments through our pre-employment skills labs. Also, workplace readiness behaviors are supported by ancillary staff such as Occupational Therapy, Behavior Support Services, Communication Services, Residential Services and Recreational Therapy.

Workplace Readiness Behaviors:

  • Punctuality/Attendance
  • Personal Presentation
  • Attention to task/Concentration
  • Safety Awareness and Practices
  • Response to Supervision and Feedback
  • Following Instruction
  • Initiative and Dependability
  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  • Attention to Detail/Quality Work
  • Care with Materials and Property
  • Work Energy/Stamina
  • Work Tolerance/Persistence
  • Meets Work Schedules

Admission Requirements

Meet WWRC Admissions Criteria.

Workplace Readiness Program Service Options

Program Format

Program Length:  Six (6) weeks.
Location:  WWRC, Clients reside in a WWRC campus dormitory.

  • Consumers begin their day with a check in with Behavior Support Services and Occupational Therapy staff before classes begin in order to get organized and prepared for the day's lessons and activities.
  • Consumers will spend time in the classroom learning about work readiness skills and why they are important for obtaining and keeping a job.
  • Consumers have the opportunity to work in a hands-on environment in our pre-employment skills labs where work readiness skills will be reinforced and assessed in order to provide remediation as needed.
  • Consumers will also receive instruction and practice with communication and interpersonal skills each day from Communication Services Staff.
  • Consumers will have the opportunity to receive additional support with work readiness skills through group sessions which will be provided after the Workplace Readiness Program day ends.
  • Consumers may receive a vocational evaluation, if needed.

Contact Information

Email: Workplace Readiness Program (

Phone: 800-345-9972, Ext. 540-332-7322 | TTY 800-811-7893

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