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Wheelchair Seating and Mobility

Wilson Workforce and Rehabilitation Center offers specialized services for evaluation and assessment of DRS sponsored clients who use wheelchairs or scooters for mobility in their home, job, and/or community. An experienced team of physical and occupational therapists, along with a certified Assistive Technology Provider (ATP) provides thorough evaluations of wheelchair seating and mobility/positioning needs, then match available technology, using client trials of the technology, to determine the best solution for a client’s mobility needs. WWRC has access to wheelchairs and seating components which are used during the evaluation to ensure prescriptions are written using the most appropriate and current technology available.

Wheelchair and Seating Services — What to Expect

  • Pre-admission phone call to client, by WWRC staff, to gather information to assist in addressing specific needs during the evaluation
  • Pre-admission discussion with client detailing face-to-face physician appointment and associated documentation requirements (i.e., physician order and appointment chart notes) for services to be rendered
  • Experienced team specializing in wheelchair and seating technology
  • Emphasis on client and caregiver input into the evaluation process
  • Variety of trial evaluation technology to determine best prescription
  • Manual, power-assist, scooters, and power wheelchairs
  • Seating products (e.g., cushions, back supports, trunk and extremity supports)
  • Pressure mapping as a tool to evaluate pressure distribution and personal methods or specialized technology to perform pressure reliefs
  • Individualization  to ensure satisfactory fit, function, and performance  of recommended technology
  • Delivery of technology  through WWRC (additional visit required for delivery), either in-person or via telehealth
  • Client and caregiver training and education in technology use, maintenance, and warranty coverage
  • Vendor contact information provided for warranty service and follow-up questions
  • 30 day follow-up phone call to ensure that the technology is meeting your needs and expectations

Contact Information

Email: Physical Therapy ( | Phone: 800-345-9972, Ext. 5403327117 or 540-332-7117 | TTY 800-811-7893

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